The Covenant with America’s Wounded Warriors
April 30, 2016
Hidden Hunger – ENAM
May 3, 2016



Pastoral people have lived on the Borana Plateau of southern Ethiopia for centuries. But their traditional way of life is threatened by recurrent droughts, human and livestock population growth, and increased competition —even armed conflict—over ever-scarcer pasture and water. The GL-CRSP Pastoral Risk Management project (PARIMA) conducted research, training, and outreach to help people diversify their livelihoods away from complete dependence on livestock. This is the story of PARIMA and some of those people.


Writer, Editor, Director: Robert Caputo
Cinematography: Franco Sacchi, Robert Caputo
On Line Editor, Colorist: Yari Wolinsky
Re-Recording Mixer: Alec Francesconi